Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Embracing 'healthy'

So, after a terrible week last week, it's a new motivated me again this week.

I will confess I did have sneaky look on the scales in the end yesterday and I had put on 2 pounds. Grr.

So again, it's a case of getting that 2 pound gain off and fingers crossed any extra would be great. I really am hoping to lose more than just the 2 pound gain- I don't want to be messing around losing/gaining the same few pounds.

I'm still ill. Hardly slept last night due to one of those irritating coughs, where every time you breathe it triggers a tickly cough.
I'm making myself include at least 2 pieces of fruit in my diet every day. I'm really, really bad at eating fruit and I don't find it particularly enjoyable. I'm hoping the more I eat it the more I will grow to like it. I'm also trying to drink more water- another thing I'm terrible at!
The weather here is so beautiful and sunny (albeit still quite cold!) at the moment so I think that helps the motivation and wanting to eat better.

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