Saturday, 9 February 2013

Husband- the feeder?

At the beginning of the week my darling husband bought me a packet of biscuits. Yes, BISCUITS! Which would be lovely if I wasn't trying to lose weight!
Damn temptation got the better of me and I have eaten them this week. But I've eaten the packet over the course of 5 days (rather than my old style of 5 minutes!) and shared some with the kids.

Other than that I've been pretty good so I'm still hoping for a loss on Monday. I made it clear to my Husband- ''Do not feed the animals!'' haha

I've been checking this online BMI calculator and kept putting different weights in to see what my BMI will be at different stages. I found that quite motivating, funnily enough. Made it seem real, like I could actually get there if I stick at it.


  1. they always mean well when they buy stuff for us don't they hehe
    there is this simulator thing that shows how the body will "look" when you reach different weights - that one I love...

    Ah- -here is the link:)

  2. Thanks for the link- that's really fun :D