Thursday, 17 January 2013

Complete clothes shopping fail!

I decided to venture into town with the Hubster.
Originally I planned to find a nice dress to celebrate my 30th in style. I never wear dresses so this is some serious effort for me! haha.

Now, with the predicted snowfall we're expecting (yes, I am one of those English folk who is completely soft and wimpish about a bit of snow!) I decided a dress and heels would be too cold and impractical for a night on the town (getting seriously old and practical before my time)

So instead opted to find a nice top to go with my red jeans. That way I could get away with sensible flat boots if the snow is really bad, oh dear...

So anyway, shop after shop after shop. I could not find a thing. Too tight, too short, too revealing, too long, too baggy, I'm not tall enough, I'm not slim enough, my boobs are too big, my hips are too wide....

My husband gave the obligatory ''you're not fat!'' response to it all. Bless him, but this just irritated me more. I'm surprised he had the patience to listen to my moaning.

I tried a mixture of shops, Topshop, H&M, M&S, New Look, Zara, Monsoon... I particularly like looking in the sales as I'm a bit of a Scrooge but I find, unless you're lucky, it's usually full of clothes in that awful, thin material that nobody above a size 8-10 could possibly get away with!

I just can not enjoy shopping at all when I'm not slim.

So, I came home with... nothing. Crap! I've told my husband to remind me of this shopping trip whenever I get tempted to stuff my face of an evening!


  1. Ugh.. I can ttly relate.. I feel like nothing looks good.. NOTHING.. I usually LOVE shopping, but I haven't been able to enjoy it the last couple of years.. Even shoe shopping isn't making me happy :S

    You make the best out of this bday - and lets make a pact that when we turn 31 we will be wearing a hot sexy dress that makes our hubbys drool and don't give the obligatory "you are not fat" comment.

  2. Yes, it's a deal! 31 we will look amaaazing! :)