Saturday, 26 January 2013

Okay, roll on Monday!

Due to weather crap-ness last week, all my birthday celebrations have been postponed for this week. Which means I will be eating out/ drinking for a total of 3 times this week! I am dreading Monday morning weigh-in.

I can only hope the damage wont be too bad. I was really hoping to get down into the 10s (153 pounds or less) this week but not sure that's going to happen now.

As much as I'm enjoying all this celebrating, I will actually be relieved on Monday when I can get on with the calorie counting properly and start making a reasonable dent in the weight loss figures!

On a positive note- (as always!) I've not binged and I've not eaten chocolate (the worst binge culprit for me) so I'm still totally in to this!

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