Monday, 7 January 2013

First Weigh In!

I've lost 5 pounds!

Really happy with that. I've never lost that much in a week before. I know that will be partly down to consuming 1000 calories per day. I honestly didn't feel like I was eating that little most of the time.

I will be eating 1200 calories from today but the ''old'' me, the impatient me, the me that wants to hurry up and get all this fat off my body wants to stick at 1000 calories and speed up the process.


I must be patient this time. The weight will be more likely to stay off then.

I've got my 30th coming up in a couple of weeks and while I'm not going to stuff my face pointlessly I've no intention of calorie counting yummy meals out! You only become ''old'' once! Haha.


  1. 5lbs?! Over xmas and new year too? god im jealous lol! x

    Well done :) xx

  2. Thank you! :) I wish every week could be 5 pounds haha!