Thursday, 3 January 2013

Pick 'n Mix vs Pea and Ham soup

So I'm on Day 4 now.

The kids are still off school until next week so I had to take them along with me to do a supermarket shop. Just for a few bits. If you've read my previous post Binge Eating you will know I have anxiety 'issues' with going to the supermarket and because of my binge tendencies the supermarket is like paradise.

I was OK today, I think because I'm in that early stage of motivation. Give it a couple of weeks and I may find it a bit harder!

The kids wanted some pick 'n mix sweets. I LOVE pick 'n mix! I let them fill up one of those cups they all seem to use nowadays for £2!! Flipping expensive, if you ask me.
They had all my favourites- pink and white mice, strawberry milkshake bottles, cola bottles and I had to just watch! *sob*

It was such a delight to come home for lunch... until I actually ate it. I've never had Pea and Ham soup before and I tried it for lunch- never again!!! Yuck!

Oh well, a sneaky peek on the scales seems to be showing a 3lb loss so far- yay! That will keep me motivated and away from the pick 'n mix. :D


  1. I'm hoping it will still be a good loss on my official Weigh In on Monday!