Thursday, 6 December 2012

Binge Eating

This a quite a problem for me.

I would say it's kind of gradually crept upon me 5 years ago (age 23 when I weighed 9 stone *126 pounds*), getting progressively worse and the binges bigger.

So, I would say the binges started when my eldest was almost 3. I would drop her at nursery each day and on the way home I would pass the corner shop. Now, I've always been fond of a chocolate bar (most chocolate bars, really) and I would nip in, pick up a newspaper and a Twirl bar. As time went on, it was like one Twirl bar wasn't quite enough. So I would get 2 bars of chocolate. Have one when I got home and one for later. Now, somewhere along the line this turned into huge sharing bags of things like Maltesers.
I could never pass that corner shop without going in. I don't know if anyone else can relate but I would feel really anxious if I even considered NOT going in. It's like I needed my fix.

Anyway fast forward to now and if I go into the supermarket for say, a loaf of bread, I come out with multi-packs of chocolate bars, cakes, milkshake, triple sandwiches, crisps and, if I'm lucky, I remember to actually get the sodding loaf of bread! Again, the anxiety arises if I even consider leaving the supermarket with just the loaf of bread. I will bring it home and stuff my face with as much as I can possibly manage. I do this at least 3 times a week. Even the days I don't binge, I'm constantly eating far too much rubbish. I must say, the temptation to be sick has never cropped up with me. For that I'm thankful.

Obviously this must stop. I've put on over 2 stones (I'm surprised it's not more) in these 5 years. It's not healthy and it's not cheap.

I WILL succeed this time.

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