Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Goodbye chocolate

Well, these past few days I have consumed more chocolate than I could ever imagine! It's true, I'm a fully fledged chocoholic and chocolate has always been my downfall. I can take or leave anything, but chocolate.

About 10 years ago I gave up eating chocolate completely for about 6 months! Yes, I hear the gasps of my fellow chocoholics. That is amazing if you are the kind who cannot get through a day without the stuff. I remember eventually I didn't want to eat it anymore and it felt great. Goodness knows why I started eating it again. Maybe over-confidence; thinking I had 'cracked it' and I was no longer addicted and could eat it in moderation? Well, NO! It was not to be and very soon after I started eating it again, I was hooked. It's like a (slightly less serious) version of being an alcoholic. Once an addict, always an addict.

Much of the time my daily food intake has been about 50 per cent chocolate. It's ridiculous. It makes me physically feel crap. I don't sleep well, I feel lethargic. Oh yeah, and it's made me fat.

I've done it before and damn it I will do it again. I will completely give up chocolate this New Year. Forever. It may sound extreme but I don't get any true benefit from having it in my life. Time and time again I have failed at eating it in moderation. It's all or nothing with me. So, for the sake of my health, and figure, I've got to go with nothing.


  1. wow. I completely understand where you are coming from. But there ARE studies showing that a small amount of chocolate increases endorphines ad actually helps to speed up weight loss. but if your problem is as bad as mine, it's best to give it up for good lol
    good luck with your resolution :)
    daisy <3

  2. I can relate Lucy
    My name is Ruby and I am a chocoholic
    I'm also a recovering heroin addict and I read a study once that showed that chocolate stimulates the same part of the brain that heroin does
    That is truly scary

    Good luck with giving it this new year
    I wish I had the strength to

    Take care x

  3. Thank you both for the luck! I'm seriously going to need it. I am going to be suffering awful headaches and generally being a right stroppy cow to begin with. My poor family! :D