Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Final Countdown

So, my intention is to start this THING on 1st January 2013
If I start now it will be doomed to failure with Christmas coming up so early on. I want the best crack at this because, as my Blog name suggests, this is The Last Time. In the meantime I'm trying to tone down my bingeing (deep sigh) and embrace healthier foods a bit more.

I will be 30 in January and my most recent WeightWatchers attempt a few months back was with the intention of getting slim for the big 3 0! Erm, well that went well. Ahem...

JANUARY-THE PLAN: *1200 calorie per day. (I'm a shorty and do nothing particularly physical so 1200 cals seems to be the general advice on those calculators)
                                         *Join the gym. (My youngest will be starting nursery 3 mornings a week in the New Year so will be perfect opportunity)

****Well Christmas is definitely upon us. My middle daughter has her Christmas Play coming up and I've only just discovered she is going to be a donkey (THE donkey, I believe) 
Now, I'm not a 'crafty' mum. Not for love nor money can I sew, so buying a Donkey outfit was my only option. So this morning I power walk (yep, getting into the fitness swing already) up to Asda and, after much frantic searching, can not find anything resembling any kind of Christmas outfit at all. 
The shop assistants are all in a huddle having a bit of a mothers meeting by the sounds of it so do I go and pester them? Well normally I would be too shy to but I NEEDED this outfit so I go and interrupt. One staff member positively jumped away from me and busied herself with some paperwork while another kindly led me to a little end aisle where, she forewarned me, they had almost sold out of all outfits. I discovered a handful of Santa outfits and 1, YES 1. donkey outfit left! Overjoyed I thanked the member of staff and grabbed the donkey costume. 
Then I discovered the 'problem' It was for Age 1-2 years. My daughter is 6! (and has a rather bigger than average head, bless her) What to do? Well, it does seem a 'big' 1-2 years size, I convince myself. Maybe, it could fit? I ignore all rational thought and buy it.
I'm now awaiting ''home time'' to pick my daughter up from school, get her home and wrestle this baby outfit on her. I don't think she will be too impressed. Think I'll cut the age tag out....****