Tuesday, 18 December 2012

No Biggest Loser?!

I have just discovered there will be no 2013 series of The Biggest Loser UK. 

OK, OK, I know it was never on par with the American Biggest Loser show. The losses were never as astounding. The trainers were not quite as scary as Bob and Jillian. But I still loved watching. 

As I love ALL fat /fitness /weight loss related shows. Supersize vs Superskinny, Fat Families, there was a show some footballer's wife/ ex-singer, Louise Redknapp did where she aimed to get to size 0. Love them all! My husband can't stand them but I'm obsessed with them.

Apparently the viewing figures for Biggest Loser UK were down last year compared with previous years which is a shame as I thought they had their best year last year in terms of weight loss. Some of the contestants looked pretty amazing at the end.

Oh well, the new series of Biggest Loser USA will be starting soon and hopefully will get screened here soon after.


  1. haha ^^ My hubby is sick of my "fat shows" as he calls them too ^^ he normally just shakes his head and goes away ^^

    have you seen XXL generation and fastfood baby? I was in shock...

    Oh and also if you like these shows have a look at "fat sick and nearly dead" .. I Loved it :)

  2. Haha, I catch my husband sneakily peeking up from what he's doing when I watch Biggest Loser. I'm sure he loves it, really. :D
    I've heard of fast food baby but never watched it. Not heard of XXL generation. I really must look into these shows.
    Oh, and 'Fat,sick and nearly dead' sounds so good (in a slightly sick way) I'm definitely going to seek these shows out- thanks!