Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Can tell I'm putting ON weight.

Ok, so the drawback of me waiting until New Year to start this diet is that in the meantime it's like I have free reign to just stuff myself silly. Uch, why must I view it like that? 
The plan was to try to get into better habits this month in order to start the diet properly in January. (I use the word 'diet', I mean lifestyle change but diet is much quicker to type.) : D

I seem to be failing at that though and every time I fancy eating something (which is pretty constant at the moment) I just think ''It's fine, I'll lose any extra weight in January'' But at this rate I'm going to have about 5 extra stones to lose!

Maybe it would seem the sensible thing to just start now, sod the whole dramatic 'New Year New Me' approach. But I need that. I need the hype and excitement of starting this in the New Year or I think it will just end as any other of my pathetic attempts at losing this weight. 

I read somewhere that 95% of people who start new year diets give up. I will be that 5%!!


  1. It is good to take some time off and really think about what works for you - and the new year is not that far off :) Gl on you new start when that time comes.

  2. Thank you. :) I'm so ready now I almost wish Christmas would hurry up! :D