Monday, 31 December 2012

Damage done...

OK, not as bad as I thought.
I'm 11 stone 6 (160 pounds)

For this week only, as a kick start, I'm going to be eating 1000 calories per day.
After that it will be 1200.
I've managed to fit some quite tasty food into even the 1000 calories so hopefully it shouldn't be too tough!

For dinner tonight I will be eating chicken breast, grilled tomatoes and a sprinkling of cheese. My family will have the same with the addition of pasta. I've even got a 10 calorie jelly for pudding. :)

This is where I think I will find it tricky. Making meals that both I and my family can enjoy. I don't want to obviously be ''on a diet'' and giving my young daughters a complex about eating.
I have to accept though there will be some meals they have that will be a bit of a no-no for me. Like when they have lasagne with masses of cheese and white sauce. I won't even be able to begin calorie-counting that!


  1. oh.. a crash diet.. Make sure to take care of you!

  2. It's just 1000 cal for 1 week (so last day tomorrow) and then I'm moving up to 1200. I think I just wanted the best chance of getting a decent amount off this week- all the Christmas excesses. urgh! :)