Saturday, 8 December 2012

This is interesting

Something I came across,

''Can diet sodas actually make you gain weight?
Diet soda contains fewer, or no, calories compared with the sugared versions, but recent studies have shown that people who drink diet soda tend to gain more weight than those who drink regular soda.
The reason may be that the brain can't be fooled by the artificial sweeteners found in many diet drinks and foods. While the sweet taste of diet soda may satisfy the palate, the body feels swindled out of the calorie rush it was expecting That may only whet the appetite, encouraging diet-soda-consumers to seek out sugar from other sources., or alter their metabolism as if they had actually consumed the sugar — both of which may lead to weight gain.
Another reason may involve the amped up sweetness of artificial sugars, which are 100 times sweeter than natural sugar. It's possible that people who eat a lot of artificially sugared foods become so accustomed to intense levels of sweet that their palates can no longer appreciate natural flavors, of fruit or other foods. Since natural foods are more nutritious than artificially processed alternatives, people may start to choose less healthy foods overall.
The evidence is still coming in, but it's an area of intense research to figure out how our bodies react to the mismatch between artificially sweetened taste and the absence of corresponding calories.''

I'm considering giving up on Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke. I've never liked it as much as the 'full fat' versions. I think I will just have a couple of glasses of the proper stuff at the weekends from now on. Rather than drinking the Diet stuff on a daily basis, which I do now.
Just hoping I can manage without that daily 'fix'

Anybody else successfully given up 'Diet Crack', as I've heard it referred to? 


  1. I am a great believer that diet drinks can make you gain weight. I gave up drinking it about 3 months ago and have felt a lot better. I do love it though and so treat myself to a can about once a week :).

  2. So moderation CAN be achieved with these drinks- you give me hope! :D