Saturday, 15 December 2012

Why is a pound never enough?

I WILL NOT treat this as some kind of race this time. 
I WILL be happy if I lose a pound each week.
2 or 3 pound losses are NOT (always) realistic or to be expected after the first couple of weeks.

This is how my WeightWatchers experience used to always go (this is not recommended by WW but just my own stupid interpretation) ....

*Weigh In on Friday morning. 
*Have a great loss.
*Have a kind celebratory binge Friday night. Takeaway, chocolates... Way beyond my extra ''weeklies'' (weeklies are extra ProPoints you get to use for snacks or treats or basically however you choose)
*Not completely keep track of my eating Saturday.
*Go slightly over my points on a Sunday.
*Think ''shit!'' Monday.
*Spend from Monday until Friday morning's weigh-in living on about 500 cals a day to make up for the excess I consumed at the weekend.
*Feel very hungry and irritable.
*Weigh In on Friday morning.
*Have a great loss.

and repeat......

Such madness. I tended to lose 2 or 3 pounds a week but Monday to Friday I was utterly miserable. I really need to get some balance this time and be happy if I lose ''just'' a pound.

I looked on the WeightWatchers chat boards the other day and noticed somebody on there started mid- August at 10st 8 (148 pounds) and they now weigh 8st 12 (124 pounds). August to now really doesn't seem all that long and in fact the majority of weeks she seems to have lost 1 pound.

If I 'only' lost a pound EVERY week starting in January I would be at my goal weight at the end of the Summer. That may seem a little way off but it's better than spending another year messing around with dieting extremes and spending next Christmas at the current weight I am now (or worse heavier still).

Now, obviously I would be happier with a 2 pound loss than a 1 pound loss but I'm not going to let it become all consuming.

Here's to the slow path!


  1. I can relate.. I always go on a bingefest as soon as I lose some weight.. I have read of people who have their weekly weigh-ins on Mondays to stay off the weekend binge and it worked for them. So maybe that is a good idea? :)

    When in January are you starting? . do you have any spesific plan you are going to follow?
    Maybe we can try to do this together since we are starting around the same time. You have a whole lot less weight to lose compared to me but I am up for it if you are :)

  2. Yes, I'd love to! It's good for the motivation having a weight loss buddy. :)
    I was actually thinking about my weigh-in day and realised that weekend weigh in's are terrible for me. I just go a bit mad with the relaxed eating. I'm definitely going to give Monday weigh ins a go.

    I think I may actually start Monday 31st December so not officially New Year. :)
    I'm going to be giving calorie counting a go. 1200 calories per day.

  3. I used when I was counting. I haven't been since I got pregnant though.. I do sometimes use it to check for calories or plan some of my eats but ya - for now I am just going to write down what I eat just to get an overview of what I am eating.

    but if you do use MFP - feel free to add me - my username there is kittz30. I still use it to track my weight ect.

    We are expecting visitors starting the 22. of dec - she goes home 2nd of Jan - but my BFF and her family are visiting from 1st -5th, so my plan is to get on it from the Monday after they go back to Norway aka 7th of Jan :)

    PS: if you add me on MFP send me a msg saying it is you so I know who it is :)

  4. Ooh yeah, I think I'll sign up to myfitnesspal after Christmas. I love anything like that. Constantly keeping me on track. Will try and add you once I sign up. :)