Friday, 21 December 2012

Friends and food

Had a lovely get together with my friends last night at one friend's flat. These are my 2 best friends since school.

A little Christmas fest. Was great fun. She decorated her dining table with a Christmas tablecloth and crackers and cooked a lovely meal. 

A lot of our meet ups revolve around food, really. We often tend to go to this one particular friend's flat (she has no children so there's no distractions from letting our hair down!) and she'll cook a meal or we'll go to the pub involving eating out as well as drink. 

We're not really ''go shopping'' friends or ''beauty salon trips'' friends. 
We have done WeightWatchers together before though. That was always fun, trying to be ''good'' with eating when we are such a bad influence on each other!

I hope once I start trying to lose weight in January I won't become a weight loss bore. It will be a shame to have to keep saying ''no I can't eat this or that'' or ''just a tiny piece, please'' or ''no pudding for me'' but unfortunately never saying no is what's got me to this weight in the first place!


  1. I completely understand how you feel!
    I'm going to start trying to lose on the first of January :)
    if you're looking for a buddy stop by my page :)
    daisy <3